Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mystery Water

With clean eating comes the inevitable giving up of all that is yummy to drink. Such as soda, sugary juices (like my beloved coconut juice - so sad), cream laden coffees and teas (a la Starbucks/Coffee Bean). What you are left with is pure and simple water. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE water, it is clear, clean and refreshing.

My problem with water is this; I always carry a bottle with me and that is fine as long as I am not home with my sisters. At times we would all have our own seperate bottles (5). Sooner or later the confusion sets in and you walk into a room and see two water bottles sitting on the dining room table and you are not sure which one is yours. Or you leave your bottle somewhere and no one knows whos it is, not even you.

The smart people at Costco (Kirkland) implemented this great idea of putting a space on the bottle label to write your name in. Now you will never be confused again. Maybe some other company has already done this but this is the first I've seen of this and being germaphobic I like it alot! :D Now, you can blame whoever's name is on the bottle for wasting water *points to self*.

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