Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Clean Eating - Day 18

Breakfast -9:45am
1 cup rolled oatmeal w/ PB, a few raisins, and 1/2 banana
1/2 medium orange

Snack -11:30am
1/2 banana (pre-run snack)

Snack - 1:00pm
Protein shake (1/2 scoop protein powder, banana, strawberries, water) - post run snack

Lunch -2:00pm
Whole wheat pita stuffed with cucumber, chicken and hummus

Snack -4:00pm
1/2 large apple w/ PB
1/4 medium orange

Dinner - 7:30pm
Crispy chicken (almond crusted chicken breast tenders) on bed of greens (heirloom cherry tomatoes, palm hearts, cucumber, sauteed mushrooms) w/ lemon, balsamic, olive oil dressing.
1/2 cup OJ
Snack - 10:00pm
1/2 medium apple w/ PB
1/2 cup blackberries

Note: Strange that I was ranting the other day about not seeing changes but this week alone after I started doing weights again, I am noticing major toning. It is so encouraging to me. I love reading and learning about nutrition and it's effect on the body these days. It's like I learn something new everyday. They say that the way your body looks is 75-80% dependant on your diet and 20% on the gym. This is true, so the more you know about what you eat, the faster you will see the results that you work for in the gym.

Food(s) I craved today: Ruffles sour cream and onion chips with globs of ranch dip. :P~

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