Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Clean Eating Update

So more or less I have been eating clean for 2 weeks now. I don't think it has been as bad as I thought and keeping a food log really helps me see what I can improve on. I am trying to get more lean and elimate as much fat as possible. I will continue to do this for 3 months up to my sister's big event date. So far, after 2 weeks, I haven't lost any scale weight yet but I do feel more tone overall and my stomach is hurting less than before. I remember that the last time I did this, it took a while for me to notice major changes. I think about a month into it, I noticed that I could fit into my smaller jeans. I am impatient currently from not seeing major changes but I know that they will come as they did before. Sometimes one does not realize that it takes many months/years to accumulate all the fat and bulge on one's body and then we all want it to come off in a day/week. It was encouraging to me this past weekend when I had a dress fitting and I was able to breathe a bit better as I had selected a small size and there is no "letting out" that sucker. I will be patient and dedicated for now.
During my long run this past weekend, I was just thinking to myself how long runs are not really to prepare you for running long but for tolerating the discomfort and pain of the run. I might be retiring from running marathons this year. I will only limit myself to halves or shorter distances and scale back from there depending on how I feel.

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