Monday, July 18, 2011

Splish Splash

I was concerned that Sunday would not be warm enough to be considered "pool weather", but it turned out to be a most beautiful warm day. Especially since my sisters came down to hang out.

Teddy and I did not go swimming. We were tired from kayaking. Well mainly just me but Teddy stayed out of the pool to keep an eye on me and made sure that I didn't get into too much trouble around the pool deck.

Here he is keeping an eye out on things.

Don't worry, he also got in some lounging time.

Sunscreen...very important!

After getting some pool time in, it was movie time!

This movie in particular. Very good by the way. Go see it!

Since we had gotten there a little too early to be seated, we headed over to Whole Foods and snacked on a pretzel. Picture this, eight people sharing one pretzel...that's how we think of all the calories we saved! ^_^

M had a basketball league game he had to play after the movie, so he came in here for some fuel.

He ordered a burger and these Cajun fries. I didn't really like them Cajun style. I actually like the fries from In-N-Out better. I don't know why I mentioned that except people always compare Five Guys to In-N-Out.

All-you-can eat salted shelled peanuts. You are not to remove these nuts from the premises due to allergy reasons. But you can stuff your face with as much as you want within the premises.

A "I love you, Five Guys...let me count the ways" bulletin board.

After the movie, we all headed to Lucille's.

So Sister S tells me that honey + biscuit is the way to go. She was right!

We shared this large appetizer platter. It was too much and too greasy!

So we washed it down with a slice of Red Velvet Cake...

...and Beard Pudding. That's how we roll! I mean literally, especially after this meal!

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