Saturday, July 16, 2011

Running Back Bay

I went out for a 12-mile run today but only completed 10. I took my camera with me on the run since I wasn't really in the mood for running and needed something to distract me. I did one loop around Back Bay.

I didn't get going until pretty late in the morning so it was already starting to get warm even though it was overcast. I fell asleep pretty early last night from the double workout day on Friday. I thought about not going out for my long run this morning but decided that I have never regretted going out for a run so I went.

This is one of the hills on the loop that always kills me when I am running up it...but going down is awesome!

This is what it looks like going up. It isn't a big hill but it hits around mile 9 or 19 depending on how many loops you run so it always sucks.

This looked much prettier in real life. This photo just makes it look overcast and depressing.

This is another hill that kicks my ass when I am running up. It is a breeze running down.

Finally, this hill here is the one I nicknamed Heartbreak hill. It is short but really steep. I almost always have a hard time running up this hill. Forget about biking up this ramp unless you have some really strong quads. I normally have to walk my bike up.

Momma, you can't cry over missed milages!

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