Thursday, July 21, 2011

Photography On-The-Run - Bommer Canyon

Good morning! I went out for another run this morning. I know, two in a row! It's been amazing running weather lately in the early morning hours, so I've been taking advantage of that by running outside. Today I went running somewhere I had not been in a long while, plus I even wandered into some new grounds.

I started out here.

It was one of those running days...

Ran past this weird pond. Lots of micro organisms in there and plenty of gnats to go around. In fact it is more swamp-like than pond-like. 

Over the bridge!

Follow the Yellow Fire Road...we're off to see the...sorry that was what this reminded me of.  :)

For obvious reasons, I like running where there is accessible restrooms. @_@ The one thing that I appreciate about living in this area is that almost all the park/public restrooms are fully stocked with toilet paper and seat covers and are really clean. It's the little things that thrill me! ;)

Looks hazy and gloomy today. This should burn off soon enough.

Heading into Bommer.

Weird that this is just minutes away from businesses and homes.  

 Bommer Canyon Cattle Camp

It's dry out there already.

Some cactus that I've never seen before. 


This is not a lie but at one point I was surrounded by 20 bunnies. That's why this sign is here. 

Summer is in full swing and even though it is dry out there, some pretty flowers could still be found. 

I've been on the fence about signing up for the Big Sur Marathon again next year but running out here this morning reminded me of how much I love running amongst the beauty of nature. It is one of the things I love most about running. See you in Big Sur next April friends! Need a reason to love running again? Go run Big Sur!

That's it! That was only five miles. Took me a while to run that since I was taking so many photos. On a tangent, I got these new blue running shorts recently but they look really short on me. I'm sure I'll get use to them. I may be running with my camera at least once a week to bring you photos from my run. I am lucky that I live and work near some nice places to get a run in. Stay tune for that. Happy Thursday!


giraffy said...

I *really* love Bommer Canyon... great pictures!

Eats Durian said...

ahhhh bunny crossing??? <3

Glenn Jones said...

Wow. You actually got to run through Bommer? Don't they keep that closed except on certain weekends? I know I've wanted to try to run from Pacific Ridge (top of Laguna Coast Wilderness Park) to Shady Canyon through Bommer, but the gates were closed and signs posted...

Thanks for all the pictures!

Glenn Jones said...

Oh - and that cactus you've never seen before - that's Cholla. Each spine has a small fishhook like barb on the end. Bottom line is don't touch unless you are into pain!