Monday, July 11, 2011

The Cellar - Fullerton, CA

I want to start off by apologizing for the poor photo quality contained in this post. I took these photos last year...some in very little lighting and apparently I must've cared very little about how they would turn out. I decided to use the bad photos and write up this post because I don't know if I will be returning to this venue anything soon. As in, this may very well have been my one and only time dining here but it's an interesting place so I wanted to at least mention it.

Last year for my honey's birthday, I took him to The Cellar in Fullerton for dinner. Sorry it has taken me this long to post about this. His birthday is coming up soon so it reminded me about this place. The Cellar is located in the basement of the Villa del Sol and you have to descend a flight of dimly lit staircases to get there. The interior was designed by the same person who created Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The Cellar was also one of Elizabeth Taylor's favorite restaurant. I believe she was proposed to here twice by the same man. Yes, this place is pretty romantic.


I even put on a dress. Pardon my jacked up smile. I took this photo on auto timer.

It was very dimly lit in the restaurant.

I got a photo of the butter dish but not the bread. Good going!

Crab cake

This was my honey's dinner...a take on surf and turf. I got something similar except without the surf...that photo was so blurry I cannot even post it. The meat was kind of dry. I didn't remember liking it very much. I really wanted to like this place too because the interior looks like something out of a story book.

We shared this side of asparagus.

Raspberry Souffle for me...

...and Chocolate Souffle for him. We are big on dessert in these parts. And when I say "these parts"...I mean just anywhere me and him happen to be. Overall, the food was just average...the dessert didn't even wow me and I'm easily wowed. Not good enough for me to go back to. Well, I might go back one of these days to give them another chance...maybe.

The Cellar
305 N. Harbor Blvd.
Fullerton, CA 92832


OUaL said...

FAAAAAAANCY Madison in that hot blue dress!! Ow ow! :)

Eats Durian said...

Too bad you didn't get a photo of that beard. You don't clean up half bad :)

Keri said...

Keep applying for NYC! This is my fourth year applying. Coincidentally, I actually got in on the lottery the same year I actually qualified for the race!

Glenn Jones said...

Thanks for posting! I have heard so much about the Cellar - it's an institution in OC. But, based on your experience I think I'll be passing....