Saturday, July 23, 2011

SoCo Farmers Market and the Farm to Food Truck Competition

Today was my last long run before the SF Marathon. My schedule called for 8 miles but seeing how I've been missing my target milages these past few weekends, I thought that I should do 10 for good measure. Turns out that today was a good running day for me so I ended up doing 12. It felt great and I get to fully taper this upcoming week. I am planning to do a couple of short runs and maybe go to spin class once or twice. I'm excited, I head up to SF next Friday. I'm really looking forward to checking out the Farmers Market at the Ferry Building.

So I got myself these flowers this morning since I did so well with my run. Okay, so I basically get myself flowers pretty often. You know...when my run goes crappy, when my run is just okay and yes even when my run goes well. Especially when my runs go well. Because then I deserve 2 dozen red and white roses. ;)

After my run and some errand running, we decided to have lunch at the SoCo Farmers Market in Costa Mesa which operates every Saturday from 9-4pm. There were 20 food trucks onsite today as there was a food truck special event going on that I will talk about in a bit. Not sure how many trucks are normally here on Saturdays. I think it was just today that there were 20 trucks.

Produce stalls - this farmers market is very small but there were quite a few varieties of vendors.

I was pretty hungry since it was already 1:30pm and I had not yet eaten anything today aside from a cup of coffee and a PB bagel. So I walked past the market stalls and headed straight to the food trucks.

First up The Lobsta Truck! I've been wanting to try their lobster roll for a while now so I was stoked when I saw that they were here.

The Lobsta Roll w/ Mayo - I ordered it light on the mayo and it came on a toasty roll. It was everything I thought it would be. Really good! It was steep at $12 each but there was a lot of lobster meat and it tasted fresh. Mmmm!

M went over to The Calbi Truck for a beef and a shrimp taco.

He also checked out Berlin Brats. I've never heard of them before. They must be from LA or new to the game.

Bratwurst with roasted red peppers. There was too much bun. The bun to brat ration was off. 

I think he ended with these Pulled Pork sliders from Bacon Mania.

I wanted more seafood so I got in line for Slap Fish where they cook with sustainable seafood. So progressive!

I ordered the Seafood Tostada for $6, which included mussels, clams, shrimp, crab and calamari in a spicy citrus and tomato sauce. This was pretty fresh seafood. I loved the crunch that the slaw provided. Really tasty sauce too! I liked this.

Then it was sliders time so we headed to The Flip Truck...

...where I ordered a regular burger and one with cheese for the Honey. It came with Lou Wow fries and some sort of horseradish ketchup. These burgers were tasty for having come out of a truck.

Finally, we decided to end with The Morsels Bakery Truck.

By the time we got to the ordering window they were out of cream puffs and a couple of the cupcake flavors.

We decided to share this Red Velvet. I liked this a lot. The cake was moist and not too sweet and the frosting had a nice tang. Really good!

Crepes Bonaparte and with no lines but I was not in the mood for crepes today. :(

Rolling Sushi

Louks - they specialize in Greek cuisine.


... and Kona Ice. These were just a few of the trucks there. There were lots more trucks there that I didn't get a chance to snap a photo of. I've never been to a truck gathering this large before and it was nice to have such a large selection of food to choose from. Plus the lines were not bad.

With our bellies full of amazing food, we decided to check out the Farm to Food Truck Competition. Just picture that Food Network show Chopped except with Food Trucks as the competitors. Each of the below trucks were to spend an hour gathering produce from the farmers market and then another hour cooking up an original dish to be judged by four local food bloggers. I think Slap Fish was the big winner! I think Bacon Mania, Spudrunners and Dos Chinos also placed. It was hot out there and crowded which is why I am uncertain.

The judges hard at "work".

All the competitors and their dishes. Most fun and delicious lunch I've had in a while.

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