Thursday, July 21, 2011

Au Lac - Fountain Valley, CA

Last weekend when Sister K came to visit me, I asked her what she wanted to have for dinner. She said something like..."nutrients". Apparently, she had had a busy week and not only was she not getting enough sleep but she wasn't eating very healthy either. So I suggested that we go to 118 degrees since I know of no better place to go and get some "nutrients". Unfortunately for us, they were booked solid that night until 8pm!!! 8pm you say?!? No way, I would have eaten my arm off by then. And so I thought some more and remembered that Au Lac also served raw food. Plus I had not been there before, so it was a win-win.

Au Lac is located in Fountain Valley in a strip mall. If you go North on that street, you will eventually hit lots of Vietnamese restaurants. I am bringing this up because Au Lac also serves vegan Vietnamese food. I mean for the most part, I think that Vietnamese food is already really healthy but this just takes it to another level of healthiness.

See? Vegan Vietnamese noodles and soups. I am not a fan of Frankenfoods so I don't normally order stuff with fake meat in it. I mean, honestly I am not a vegetarian so if I felt like eating meat, I would eat the real thing.

Raw food!

Even the inside looks Vietnamese inspired. This is what a lot of "classier" Vietnamese restaurants look like on the inside over in Westminster and Garden Grove.

Living Soup - we didn't order any soup this time around but they sound delicious.

Chimichurri - raw bread! Taste like bread. Looks like bread. It's amazing since this was not baked at all. This was really dense and I will probably not order this in the future but I wanted to see what it was like. Interesting! Speaking of dense, you really should try to under order at this place since most of the food served is veggie based and will fill you up due to fiber content. Sounds delicious, right? ^_^

Da Bowl - romaine, pistachio crumbs!, olive, onion, tomato, flax, sweet mustard - what I think is interesting about the menu here is that after the names of each dish is an ingredients list of sorts. The description doesn't necessarily tell you what the dish really is.

Fryed Chicks - "deep fried" cauliflower, ginger, onion, sauce, "steamed rice". This isn't deep fried, it is deeply dehydrated and the so called steamed rice is really "riced" jicama. I really didn't think that I would like this dish but it was really good.

Raw chocolates - this was amazing! Sister K and I still cannot believe that somehow this is raw and it taste just like a piece of regular chocolate candy.

Au Lac (Vegan/Raw)
16563 Brookhurst Street
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 418-0658


southOCgal said...

Au Lac! I remember seeing that restaurant everyday when I lived near there - I'm so glad to see it's still around - I always worry about people not taking advantage of the great vegetarian restaurants we have in Orange County

Monika said...

oooh! This looks so good! omg today is the first time I've seen your blog and there are so many posts I want to read! Eating, running, and little dogs are a big part of my life. :o) I have family in Fountain Valley but I've never seen this place. My mom is in Huntington Beach and we usually go out for vietnamese food all around HB and little saigon. omg craving pho now... are you vietnamese? I'm half! okay.. this blog comment sounds crazy. haha.