Monday, July 11, 2011

Sixteen out of Twenty Ain't Bad

I'm a little behind on blogging this weekend because one thing lead to another and I only slept for 2 hours on Saturday night because my pup thought it would be funny to keep me awake all night long with his restlessness. Maybe he was mad that I took him to the groomers last week and they ended up giving him all his annual shots in one day. Payback's a b@#$% Yorkie!

So last Friday evening I went to the Veggie Grill to carbo-load for my long run the next day. We both ordered the Crispy Chikin Sandwich. Yeah I've been going to the Veggie Grill a lot lately. Want to know why, it's because of this sandwich...okay everything there is good but this sandwich is my flavor of the month.

I stopped into Skin Food again to pick up some more samples to try out. I'm pretty sure the next time I walk into that store I will end up buying something. Love the way their products smell.

Then early Saturday morning, I got up at the butt crack of dawn and went out for a 20-mile 16-mile run. Meant to do 20 but managed to get in 16. It was a nice day for a run because even though it is officially summer, for the most part it was overcast that morning until I was almost done with the 16 miles. Thank you weather Gods! At last, even though it was nice outside, I still looked like this after my run. Namely sweaty and defeated. Defeated that I was not able to complete 20.

I went to Trader Joe's to get some flowers to cheer myself up. 

I also picked up some lunch...

...this salad doesn't look like much but it tastes amazing! I discovered this at the sample station one day while shopping at TJ's.

Somehow I also managed to make it to the Farmers Market as well but remember what I told you about getting there after 9am. Yeah, it was extremely crowded and unpleasant but I needed to pick up a couple of items to make dinner this week so I put on my battle armor and headed in. Just as I expected, people standing around the walkway lollygagging, walking super slow or looking at stuff with little regards to anyone walking behind them. Then I got some cookies....

...that were gluten-free AND vegan...and so all was well again in the universe!  

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