Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Skin Food - Irvine, CA

I was walking around the Irvine Spectrum recently and noticed a new beauty store there called Skin Food. I was curious so I walked in and this is what I saw. They did not let me take photos so I borrowed the photo below from the OC Register website.

Skin Food is a skincare line made with real food ingredients. They have stores all over Asia and are starting to branch out in the U.S. Apparently they are really big in Asia. How lucky are we that they decided to open shop at the Irvine Spectrum?


They have a lot of samples there and on the day that I went they were giving out these Wash-off Black Sugar Mask. I tried it out last night and boy is this stuff nice. I thought it was going to smell like food but it actually has a nice smell to it that is not food-like at all. You need to wash your face first and then apply desired amount of mask on your face and massage. The sugar crystals will act to exfoliate the skin. So the cool thing about this mask is that it is warm when you apply it to your skin and after you massage your face with it for a couple of minutes the sugar crystal disappears and what is left rinses off easily and leaves your face perfectly clean. It wasn't that weird squeaky clean or filmy. I liked it so much that I just had to talk about it on here. I might go back and buy some. Skin food makes a ton of mask and all with food names. I'm looking forward to getting to know they better. :D

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Ria said...

i love skin food :D! i like this lip tint that they make which lasts all day.