Friday, July 1, 2011

Dog Tired

I was half asleep and 15 minutes late but I made it to spin class this morning. It was the only spin session I was able to make it to this week. Mostly because of fatigue. I made it a point to rest up this week.

I feel 100% better after taking 5 rest a row. I feel like a new person. Resting is awesome. Now I remember what I use to do before running/spinning/working out so much...namely everything else. It was nice to wake up leisurely in the morning and take my time to get ready for work, instead of rushing out the door when it is still dark outside to get to the gym. It was also nice to have so much extra energy to cook, craft and clean. I guess I had been demanding a lot of my body and not repaying anything back. I was really cranky for the past month and now I know it was because I was just really tired.

I mentioned to my spin instructor this morning that I find it almost impossible to attend spin class more than 2 times a week because I am normally really tired by the end of the week. He told me to just eat more. I don't think that is going to solve my problem but I will look into that. I think I either need to run less (not happening) or spin less (likely this will happen) or eat more (I think I am eating the correct amount). Oh and I haven't been to yoga in a month. I really need to go. I can tell that my flexibility is not as good.

So...long weekend coming up! Who's excited? I am...I have a 4 day weekend! I am going to cram as much fun stuff into these four days as I can. Hopefully, I can find some time to blog too.

No races for me this weekend. I know, what a shocker! Someone tried to talk me into running a 5K but I passed. Instead, I am planning to go for a long run tomorrow and maybe a couple of short ones on Monday and Tuesday. I am not putting a number on the long run miles because I want to see how I feel once I go out there. I'll report back with how many I actually get in. Happy Fourth Weekend Everyone!!!

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