Saturday, July 30, 2011

2011 SF Marathon Expo

Yesterday was a really long day. I was running on four hours of sleep due to a late night and an early morning flight. But I managed to get myself out of bed, through security lines with all the lotions and potions still in tow and even managed to grab a coffee for good measure.

Sister K is handling this early morning stuff a lot better then me. I just want to crawl back into my bed and sleep for another four hours.

This was the first photo I took when I got into the city. It is one of many which I will share in the coming days. It was nice and cool and overcast when we arrived. I got to the hotel early and check in wasn't until 3pm, so I stowed my bags and decided to explore!

A few hours later, I decided that I should probably head over to the expo located at the SF Design Center. So I had to learn to use the BART real quick since I didn't have a car. Luckily this was very similar to the public transit system in Chicago so I wasn't completely clueless.

A few stops later and a mile walk through an unsavory part of town and I was there. I really hate that walk to the expo by the way. Don't know why it is located in such a strange part of town.

I was greeted by this long line of people outside the expo. They were suppose to open at noon but it was already 1pm and the line was moving at a crawl.

Luckily the Nesquik truck was there to hand out samples. I must have stood in line for 20 minutes before the line started moving.

Many satisfied people! Milk it does a body good! Other people's body...not mine.

Then they high "tailed" it out of there...

...and I was almost at the front of the line!

Inside at last!

Best.race.shirt.EVER! It is understated and gender specific sized. I love it! I packed two other outfits but might wear this with come capris instead.

Gear check bag!

The quilt made with all the previous SF Marathon race shirts.

I took this photo because I thought about buying a hat (made by Headsweats) but decided against the idea for some reason. Nike Frees were also on sale for $80 but not the color that I had wanted.

Can't wait to add this to my collection.


Clif bar!

True that!

SF Marathon ambassador hang out spot.

After walking around the expo for about an hour, I was pretty tired so I decided to head out in search of some lunch. That's it for now, I have to head out for the day but come back for more SF fun!

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Nobel4Lit said...

Contender? D'oh... maybe I should go, too!