Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesdays At The Teller Lot

Ah the Teller Lot Food Truck gathering! It's been awhile. Months! But I was lured by a good truck lineup today. I stopped coming here for lunch on Wednesdays because I reasoned that there was a lack of healthy eats provided by food trucks but today Seabirds and the Lime Truck were there so I figured that at least I would get something vegan or organic. No such luck, the lines to both these trucks were long and moving slower than molasses in the winter. On a positive note, the trees have grown out nicely in that lot so it provided some much needed shade in the middle of an otherwise hot parking lot. Bring a folding chair, seating is at a premium here. Bring a wide brimmed hat and water while you are at it. Especially if you decide to stand in one of those long lines because it will literally take an hour or more to get your food in hand. They are here almost every Wednesday from 11:30-2pm. Trucks may vary.

The Rolling Sushi Van did not have a line. Sometimes that is all I'm looking for. I wanted something light since I ate so terribly last night. Making up for my inability to practice self-restraint is never good but better than no effort at all.

So I ordered the Sashimi Salad for $7.00. It looked colorful when I opened up the box. I took a bite and immediately noticed the delicious lime(y) dressing. I don't know why there was not a line at this truck because this salad was amazing! I almost drank the dressing after I finished the salad but once again I practiced self-restraint. Oooo I hate that self-restraint.

M ordered some Spicy Shrimp Tacos from the Flavor Rush Truck. I've never seen them before but the tacos smelled good. I didn't get a taste. :(

He also got some cupcakes from Oh For Sweets Sake! Red Velvet and Lemon Drop cupcakes. This will surely derail my self-restraint.

In addition, he also got a brat from Brats Berlin. Yes, this is how he rolls. Eating two lunches plus cupcakes. He definitely has no self-restraint.

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