Monday, August 22, 2011

Cabbage Patch Kids, Beach and Daniel Tosh!

I've had a thrilling though busy couple of days, can you tell from the title of this post? This past Friday I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get all my errands done in time for my weekend o' fun! I was suppose to go to the birthday of three very special little girls but I had to skip it because there is just not enough weekend sometimes. One of my errands was to pick up gifts for them. Like I was saying, I was running around all day like a crazy person, when I finally got home from work at the end of the day and popped open the trunk to unload my car, I saw this and it made me smile!

Here is what I got them! I hope they like it. When I was little, I always wanted a Cabbage Patch Doll so maybe they will too. 

Another one of my errands was to go to the bookstore to pick out a book for Sister S's baby shower coming up. Everyone was asked to bring their favorite childhood book to the baby shower to help start a library for the baby. The book I got wasn't from my childhood because well my childhood was unusual but I did get a highly rated book and it is cute to boot.

On Saturday morning, instead of my usual long run and farmers market routine, I went out for round two of errand running. Later in the morning, I finally got done and came home, packed up all my stuff, including this guy...and headed out to spend a lovely weekend with my family. There was a lot of traffic heading south, so we were stuck on the freeway for a good 2 hours but we made it. We dropped off all our stuff and continued further down south.

Because I had to come here to pick up my packet for America's Finest City Half Marathon on Sunday. I am working on a race recap that will go up soon. I promise.

I didn't stay long at the expo because well frankly there isn't really that much to stay there for. I did manage to make it back to where I was staying to catch the end of a beautiful sunset.

Something smelled good. The grill was being prepped to cook up dinner! 

Yum, Korean food! 

Then it was game time!

A little later, a bonfire was built, followed shortly by the roasting of marshmallows for smores. Then it was bedtime for me since I had a race the next morning with a very early wake up call. 

After my race, I came back to this lovely breakfast prepared by Sister S and K. Amazingly beautiful! You ladies did a marvelous job.

Meticulous chopped fruit salad maker! ;)

Beautiful mom-to-be pancake maker!

My plate!

Then there was more game playing except now there was poker chips involved. @_@

Before we headed back home, we decided to go out to the beach once more to soak up the sun and sand!

I had round 2 of breakfast as my race appetite finally caught up to me. Could there be anything better than breakfast eaten on the beach? I think not!

I am a lucky girl!

The pup passed out on the car-ride home. He had a very eventful weekend! Zzzzz!

My weekend ended here at the Honda Center where I went to watch comedian Daniel Tosh from some amazing seats. Sorry I don't have any photos of the inside as cameras were not allowed but I had such an incredible time and Tosh is just so funny! And that is my weekend in a nutshell. I hope you all spent your weekends wisely because once again we are back at work! But there is always next weekend, right? ;) 

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