Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You're The Inspiration

Last week the night before I flew up to San Francisco to run the marathon, M got some tickets to see Chicago at the OC Fair. I love Chicago! It was a late night at the fair, which was why I only got 4 hours of sleep before my flight. But it was worth it! Woo-hoo!

Dark photo but the banner says Pacific Amphitheatre!

Five minutes to show time.

Sister K was there too! This kind of music may have been too old for her as they played a lot of their earlier stuff (read: mostly instrumental). We got a churro to pass the time since the show started a bit late but the churro was gross!

It was a packed house! Finding parking was a nightmare and a half. So happy we made it to our seats in time.

It was like this for one moment...

...and this the next moment! Yay!

Towards the end of the show they pulled out this Christmas tree and started singing a Christmas song. It was a weird night. Lots of strange Chicago fans there (read: drunk and/or on some sort of not natural "high"). Some drunk lady was seat-hopping and sat down next to me and proceed to tell me how her friend was the drummer and then in her drunken state she grabbed one of my boobs. I hope it was by accident. She was ancient. I'm too young for this music. Okay, not really, I love Chicago! I'll put up with some boob groping for Chicago. Nah!

You're the Inspiration.

Hard Habit to Break

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Glenn Jones said...

Hope you had some good fair food (you know, the high calorie fried stuff?). I enjoy the OC Fair - I think I'm going to see BB King ....