Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Eating at the OC Fair

Ah the OC Fair, every year I say that I am not going to go to it but I always do. Well I was technically there to see Chicago (the band) but you have to walk through the fair to get to the Amphitheatre. After the show, we decided that since we were already there that we would grab some dinner.

Oh course you have your old standby...

We actually walked all around the fair looking for the food trucks that were parked in some obscure part of the fair. It was hard to find them. I'm sure the fair people wanted it that way. By the time we found them it was already late and the Ludo Truck was already packed up and ready to pull out. 

Sister K and I manged to snag 2 lobster rolls from the Lobsta Truck. Thank goodness because I didn't want to have to think about having to eat fair food. 

M got a Seafood Tostada from this fair stall. It was okay. 

I got this "shredded" style Baklava. It was really good at first. Not too sweet and the shredded outer part was not sticky like traditional baklava but then towards the last couple of bites, it started to taste funny. I can't even describe it. Maybe it was just me.

So I really wanted to try out some cupcakes from the Cup Cakes stand. Sister K read on a sign near the cart that this company was an affiliate of Hot Dog on a Stick. Interesting. 

These cupcakes were ungodly expensive, clocking in at $4 each and get this...they were not that good! The mini cupcakes were $2, that's just nuts. Still I had to try one. So basically you pick out the cake, the frosting and whatever toppings you wanted on there (unlimited).

The frosting was okay but the cake part was what turned me off. It was similar to something you would get out of a boxed mix. I personally didn't care for this and will probably not get it again.

 Giant insect exhibit. I am fascinated by giant structures and displays so I liked this a lot.

This is James Roumeliotis...pogo stick champ! He is trying to best his own record on this particular night. I hope he did. 

 Thanks again OC Fair...see you next year!

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Glenn Jones said...

How can you go to the OC Fair and *not* have at least a funnel cake? Madison, Madison. How you disappoint me. Where are the fried twinkies?