Friday, August 5, 2011

The Ferry Building Adventure - Part 1

If you've ever been to the Ferry Building in SF than you already know about how great it is. I was like a kid in a candy store when I first walked into this building. I went there everyday I was in town. Crazy, right? Well it is the kind of place that requires that many days to take it all in.

One of my favorite shop was Miette Patisserie!

 Pistachio Macaron - so this is my new favorite macaron! I am not a macaron purist by any stretch of the imagination. I like my macarons dense/chewy and this one was amazing to me. Everyone is different and Sister K happens to like her macarons light and airy. She thought this was just okay. 

Gingerbread cupcake - this cupcake was featured on Food Network's Cupcake Wars. It taste like a gingerbread cookie. I ate one for breakfast one morning. Then shared one with Sister K the very next day. It is that tasty. The cake is very moist, sticky almost but has a unique flavor that I really liked. I only tried this flavor but I'll be back soon enough.

Another favorite shop of mine is the Acme Bread shop with fresh baked breads everyday...


The sour dough baguette and the rustic roll has an amazing chew to it. I mean those suckers are chewy. 

The SF Fish Company

Where they have freshly shucked oysters! *drool*

Theses were okay. They could have been fresher but they were still tasty. 

That's all for this first posting. Too many shops to talk about all in one posting so stay tune for segment 2.

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