Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sade/John Legend Concert

Oh man, I woke up this morning and did not feel like going to the gym to work out but I did anyways. I think it may be time for me to swear off sugar. That stuff just makes me feel awful the next day. I probably should have cooled it after that first piece of brownie but nooo!

So last night after work, I went home to change into this outfit to go see Sade and John Legend. I have no fashion sense and mainly just wanted to wear my new boots. They are from Old Navy! I'm telling you that place has some neat stuff these days. Ignore the outfit, focus on the boots.

My co-worker and I decided to carpool to this event since parking is $20 at the lot across from the Honda Center. That's just highway robbery. Whatever! By the time we arrived, John Legend was already on stage performing. I don't really know much about John Legend but he has an amazing voice. He was down with all the ladies in attendance. ;)

Then Sade took the stage after a brief intermission. What? You say you don't see her.

Okay, how about now? No? 

Lucky for you my camera has some decent zooming capabilities. The company I work for has a suite at the Honda Center so I was up high but the view was pretty cool!

I left before Sade sang "Smooth Operator"...but it was worth it to miss it to avoid the flood of cars leaving the the parking lot. It was a breeze to get out of there while everyone was still inside being serenaded by Sade. No need to ask [she's] a smooth operator.

I got home around 11pm and was really really tired. Fast forward to this morning to find me in a sluggish state after too much eating and staying up late. I did not want to get out of bed. I went to the gym anyways, thinking that I would only do some light cardio and some stretching to get the blood going. Then my running buddy (who I had not seen in awhile), let's call him "R" comes into the gym. He asked if I had wanted to come with on a supposed easy 5 mile run. It turned out to be a tempo 6 mile run and now I feel beat up. Good but beat up! There is no moral to this story. Except that today I'm eating healthy meals and going to bed early. The End!

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fred kremers said...

I left before Sade sang "Smooth Operator"...but it was worth it to miss it to avoid the flood of cars''

a picture is nice,but what you are saying above,totally crazy.arrogant,selfish,what is this,leaving the concert ,half way the show...can't believe the one who was with you.i would slap your face,to wake you up..not going home with you,because miss arrogant wants to go..''but otherwise there are more cars''' cry cry cry she cries..a very odd non storie about Sade..(it's a band)but like i said,one picture is nice..