Friday, August 12, 2011

Native Foods Cafe - Tustin, CA

Last week's date night was another dinner and a movie night. I like dinner and the honey likes movies so it is always a winning combination. It was on this particular night that I finally got the opportunity to eat at Native Foods Cafe. Aside from it being just steps from the movie theater, I was craving some veggies.

Home Grown Cupcakes...where?

*swoon* I was good, I didn't get one. Despite my belief that one should eat cupcake everyday, you shouldn't! Not even vegan ones! Goodbye cupcakes, I'll be back.  

This photo is for Sister K. 

I stood there looking at the menu for quite a bit before I settled on what to order. 

I went with the Mama Mia Pizza (Portobello mushrooms, grilled Native Sausage Seitan, salsa pomodoro, roasted garlic, caramelized onions and pesto) for $8.95. It was very good! Pesto in place of cheese equals winning! I don't eat pizza often and even when I do I have to remove all the cheese so it really isn't pizza anymore. It was nice to be able to eat this intact without worrying about an ingredient that may disagree with me later. This thing was the perfect size for me. If you will note the box this thing came in is a normal size personal pizza box, this thing filled up just half of the box but it was filling because of all the kale. I only ate 2 slices because I was saving room for movie popcorn. :)

M went into Red Brick Pizza which is right next door to Native Foods for a regular pizza. True story...I ordered the Mama Mia Pizza at Native Foods because I had wanted pizza but I cannot eat normal pizza. So it was a lucky coincidence really.

So see how his personal size pizza fills up the entire box. ;)

Movie time! So I walked into the theater and noticed a poster for the upcoming Three Musketeers movie. Hmm, I wonder how this one will be. I use to be a huge Alexandre Dumas fan and in particular the Three Musketeer series of books. Yes, there was more than one book. Athos, Porthos, and Aramis and of course D'Artagnan (not a Musketeer - maybe more like an honorary member). All for one and one for all!

I had just eaten dinner and this looked less appetizing to me than usual. I am not a big concession fan but M could eat movie snacks for a meal and he has. Not me!

While I waited in line with M, I noticed that they now offer healthier snacks. By no means are these good for you, just healthier options. I normally smuggle in my own snacks. Either some fruit or nuts. What? It's economical. 

Definitely stay away from the candy stash!

Native Foods
2453 Park Avenue
Tustin, CA 92782-2705
(714) 259-0400

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