Saturday, August 13, 2011

Running 14 Miles 4 Cupcakes

Happy Saturday! I had a long run this morning and was suppose to wake up at 5:30 but I slept in a bit and didn't get started on my long run until 7:30. I was so lucky that it was an overcast day so it wasn't too hot the entire time I was out running. I had 19 miles on the schedule but my legs had other plans. I did manage to get in 14 miles but my legs and feet were really tired. I decided that was good enough since I have a half marathon coming up next weekend. Who else is running America's Finest City Half?

After my run, I headed to the farmers market to pick up some groceries. Fresh eggs from Gama Farm, oh how I've missed you. Grocery store eggs just do not compare. These are at least 1.5 to 2 times larger and the yolk is brilliant yellow. But how does it taste, simply amazing!

Some water spinach because I LOVE this stuff.

I also picked up some plums which are so sweet right now.

And this...

I picked up a hunk of Roquefort cheese a few weeks ago at the Cowgirl Creamery and I am dying to have some in a salad. I am going to make an epic salad for dinner on Monday. As a note, I am able to tolerate this cheese because it is made from goat's milk plus I've heard that the mold used to cultivate this cheese is good bacteria! Well, at least I'd like to believe they are good. :)

I picked out these pretty purple flowers that the florist informed me were called Dahlias. Now I know!

Aren't they gorgeous?

Then I headed to Susie Cakes to check out their 5th Birthday Party celebration. They had a DJ spinning beach music out front and beach decorate throughout the store. 

And number 5 cookies!

They were busy in there today because...

...the first 50 people to make a purchase got a complimentary pack of 6 mini red velvet cupcakes. So now my regular size red velvet cupcakes have some mini companions! ;)

Happy 5th Birthday to Susie Cakes and 4th Birthday to my Blog! Nothing says "happy" and "birthday" quite like cake...make that red velvet cupcakes!

Teddy: Momma, seems like you look for any reason to eat cupcakes.

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