Saturday, August 6, 2011


Yesterday I took the day off as it was officially M's birthday weekend! We had a really nice relaxing day. I started my day with a spin class, followed by a trip to Fashion Island to get some new work boots. Unfortunately, the boots I wanted were not in stock so I had them order it for me. Can't wait to get my hands on them. It was a beautiful day in Newport as always.

Le Pain Quotidien...coming soon!

I may or may have have stopped in here. Okay, I'm guilty...I heart this place.

Later that evening we headed down to Laguna Beach to see a show!

But first dinner! Mark's is located just adjacent to the Pageant grounds next to the Laguna Culinary School. So we took a short walk over. Mark's got some good reviews on Yelp but to our surprise they have closed down so don't bother.

Sister K was meeting us at the Pageant grounds later on so I picked up these macarons for her from the Laguna Culinary School! She said they were good. They are!

See my house up there. Yeah, I live there in my dreams.

After finding out from the parking attendant that Mark's was no longer in business we asked where the next closest restaurant was and he told us that there was another restaurant around the corner. So we walked over to Tivoli Too! Sounds Italian but they actually serve Mexican food. Don't worry, I'm confused too.

It was a charming patio dining al fresco kinda place.

With a cute little garden in back.

I decided on the Chicken Walnut Salad!

Dessert- just looking! ;)

Yeah, I asked M to take a photo of me while we waited for our meals to arrive. You're welcome. Seriously, I was having a bad hair day and yes I *am* wearing Nike's.

We He ordered some Taquitos for appetizer! These were tasty! I may have had 3 or 4.

Good chicken salad, the slight hint of curry mixed with the mayo gave this traditional dish a kick! Plus the fruit was just what I wanted at that moment. Needless to say, I enjoyed this dish.

He ordered the Tivoli Burrito. I didn't get a taste as it was covered in cheese but M said that this was really good.

Tivoli Too! was connected to the Sawdust Art Festival so we strolled around looking at some cool art pieces.

Stuff like this...

...and this!

Look at that blue sky!

As it got closer to show time, we headed back to the Pageant grounds.

We shared a sno-cone!

Inside there was a DJ bumping 70s dance music complete with a checkered dance floor. People brought picnics and enjoyed the beautiful weather and wine as they waited for the show to start. They were a happy crowd.

I thought this piece was so amazing!

A portrait composed of screws! Wow!

One of my favorite display was located at the amateur K-12 grade art area. It was this dragon made with plastic in forks and spoons. I love this! Truly amazing young talent!

No photos of the show because it wasn't allowed but it was really fun. We had some amazing seats. It gets chilly since the show is outside in a bowl so bring something warm to throw on. The theme this year is Only Make Believe! and there is a humongous dragon involved. If you have never seen it, you must! I took a walking food tour today which I will post about soon. It was a lot of fun. I'm headed out to a party shortly so blogging will commence tomorrow. Happy Saturday!

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Glenn Jones said...

My kids actually had parts in Pageant various years when they were in High School. I gained a new appreciation for the show during those years. Especially since I had to drove back and forth every night....