Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Puppy Vomit

I am having one of *those* days! Someone who shall remain nameless was not feeling well this morning...

Have you ever picked up your pup and rushed him from the bed to the bathroom sink in one second flat when you were dead asleep the moment before. No? Well I've become quite the expert at doing this. My pup makes this weird chugging noise seconds before he vomits so I have about 5 seconds to move him to a sink, trashcan or a non-carpeted part of the floor. You don't want to know what happened all those other times when I don't make it. He doesn't do this often but you know how dogs are with their indiscriminate "hooving" of uncleaned floors and grounds. Yuck! Anyhow, the good news is that I did get him to the sink in time so I didn't have to spend my morning scrubbing the carpet.

The bad news has nothing to do with him but more with me. I got to work this morning and was sitting at my desk when I noticed that I was really dizzy and nauseous. I was having a hard time concentrating and my back was aching like crazy. I then realized that I may have strained something during my weight training session yesterday. Mainly doing dead-lifts. I guess it's been awhile since I've done them. Anyhow, I decided to go and get a massage to see if it would help loosen things up and get me back on track.

An hour later, I was still really sore but felt better (read: less dizzy and my head didn't feel like it wanted to fall off my neck anymore). I even managed to make it back to work. I was afraid that I may have had to go home and lie down.

After my massage, I realized that I was starving since I had not eaten all day and now that I was feeling less nauseous I was aware of the hunger. I went in here...remembering that there was a place inside that I wanted to eat at.

...Daikokuya (ramen). So this is my first time eating at Daikokuya, which use to be Santouka's rival, not sure if they still are or not. Happy to say that my heart still belongs to Santouka. 

I got the Kichi version which is suppose to be spicier than the regular version but it wasn't. I could hardly taste any hint of spicy. I got the half size which is really small, even for me. I think the full size would have been a better choice but since I had never eaten here before I was not sure about the sizing. The noodles are chewy but there was really nothing special about the broth. There is a piece of sliced pork and half an egg buried in that soup. I would eat this again, I quite like the noodles.

There is also a Lollicup inside the market, so I got a Jasmine Green Tea with Boba for the road.

And had this New Zealand kiwi that my mom had packed for me for dessert. My day is looking better already!

Last night I wanted to make dinner at home but was too lazy to go out and buy groceries so I rummaged in my kitchen cabinets for items that I could use. I found this box of Golden Curry that I had purchased a few months ago.

I turned it into this. You can barely see the curry in there since I should have really purchased two boxes when combining with other ingredients like ground beef and canned green beans. I served this over sauteed broccoli and steamed brown rice. It was actually really good. Sometimes I surprise myself.

Speaking of needing a little help when it comes to making dinner. Look what arrived this morning in the mail! I'm sure you are excited to see what sort of crazy dinner concoction I will come up with the help of these babies. No? Okay maybe just me since these will surely cut down on the amount of time I have to spend in the kitchen cooking dinner.

And that is how you start a post about puppy vomit and segway into frozen veggie dinner helpers. Yes, I am talented like that.

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Glenn Jones said...

Hope puppy (and master) are feeling better!

Daikokuya there at Marukai is nothing compared to Daikokuya on first street in Downtown...