Friday, August 12, 2011

Running Questions Challenge

Running, let's talk about it!

Sometimes with all the food postings I put up, I forget that this blog is suppose to also be about running. I often find it hard to write about running. I look at running as something I do, not something I write about. Plus there are lots of other great blogs out there that have probably covered everything under the sun about running. Another thing I don't do too often on my blog is hop on the bandwagon of the latest question/answer trend. It isn't because I don't want too either. Mainly it it because I am a nobody in the blogging world and no one ever tags me. I'm okay with this because I don't really go out of my way to promote my blog in any ways shape or form. I am thrilled when someone finds my blog and leaves me a comment. It's the little things that thrill me. 

So in an attempt to introduce myself to my readers or those who run or are curious about running, I searched the web for some listing of questions that will help me talk more about my thoughts on running because heaven knows I talk enough about food. I found a list of running questions modified/created by Lazy Bones Running Blog. Her complete list includes 26 questions so I am going to break it down into three separate segments to prevent myself and you from getting bored. So here we go.

1) What is your favorite running moment?
That would be crossing the finish line of my first marathon with my sister by my side. I talk a little bit about that in this post.

2) If you could inspire someone to run, who would it be and why?
I would love to inspire someone who didn't think they could ever run a marathon to do one. I run into people almost everyday who tell me that they don't think they could ever run that much/far and I always say, well not right here and now, but with some training most people can do it. I should know because I hated running for the longest time. Other runners have mentioned this before but I use to look at running as something you would do as punishment. Oh how times have changed.

3) If you could ask Pheidippides a question, what would you ask him? 
Did you think this through? 

4) If you could run in a race in a country different from where you live, where would that be?
Without a question I would have to say Italy. Anywhere in Italy would do. However, at the top of my list would be around/near Lake Como. Do they offer that race already? Where do I sign?

5) How or when did you know you caught the running bug?
I started running regularly my freshman year of college. There have been years when I did not run or workout at all but I always went back to running. I think I started to realize that I truly loved to run only a couple years ago. I think I was out running one morning and I just felt so alive. Since then running has meant so much more to me than just one foot in front of the other.

6) What was your worst running moment?
That would be around mile 15 of my first marathon when I got a calf cramp and thought about quitting. I'm sure glad I didn't!

7) What is the most interesting thing you've seen on a run?
I'm not really sure what "interesting" means because it can mean seeing the beautiful coastlines at Big Sur or when I see girls drop trou in public to pee during a race. The word interesting means all those things to me.

8) Have you had a DNF?
Fortunately no. I have the mentality that even if I have to crawl that I would finish a race. Luckily I've never had to do that.

9) Have you had a DNS? 
Again no. Once I was five minutes late to the starting line of a 10K and everyone had already taken off but they let me run anyways. I think I still ended up running my slowest 10K ever at that race.

10) Besides running, what is your next favorite sport/activity?
Lately I've become quite the spinning addict. I spin three times a week in between days when I run. It is such an amazing cross training activity. Where can I get a shirt that says "I Heart Spinning!" because I do.

To be continue...

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