Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An Evening At the OC Fair

Before Sister K left for Europe, we decided to hit up the OC Fair. It is your typical run-of-the-mill fair. Including large Ferris wheel...which I actually took a ride on...I have deep fear of fair rides. I'm afraid to get on something that can be assembled and disassemble so easily. :s

I saw this large cow statue and decided on this lovely pose. Weird because I don't eat dairy!

More silly-ness!

Yeah, what will they come up with next? This was even gross to me. Fried butter? Bleh!

And finally, the petting zoo. I always feel terrible for these animals having to be a part of this. It's loud there at the fair, the kids are nuts and also loud and it is just not natural for these poor animals to be some entertainment piece.

The one thing I didn't get a photo of that I did like about the fair was the garden show competition. There were lots of veggies on display competing for ribbons. I saw some amazingly large and beautiful home grown fruits and veggies. Most interesting!

In running related updates, this is a 45 mile week for me...and so far it is going swimmingly well. I ran 4 yesterday and 6 this morning and will be headed back to track this evening for another 3 or 4. I have a scheduled 19 miler this weekend that I have to fit in. A couple more during the week and hopefully I will make my milages this week.

And because I'm famous for days and days of non-blogging and then lumping everything together...I made more cupcakes. The unvegan kind because it was for someone's birthday. These are funfettis! The full fat processed ones! :D As I mentioned before, these are super quick to wipe up and almost everyone likes 'em.

I somehow also ended up doing this....

(that little boy in the photo with me climbed all the way to the top. He was trying to encourage me by saying that we would race...hahaha...I failed terribly!)

Let me tell you that I've wanted to climb up a rock wall for as long as I can remember but for some reason, I've never had the opportunity. Let me also say that this particular incident did not end well. I got strapped in and started climbing and about 3 feet later, I realized that I could not go up anymore because I happened to turn around and looked down and my fear of heights kicked in. It reminded me of this one episode of The Big Bang Theory where one of the character would pass out everytime he went indoor rock climbing and I remembered laughing so hard at that and wondered how anyone could be afraid of falling even though they were strapped in. Well, I take it all back. I was really scared and disappointed in myself that I had wanted to do this for so long and only went up about 3 feet. Good grief man! I went up 2 more times but never passing that 3 feet mark. I will try again until I get up to the top one day...soon!

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Glenn Jones said...

Dang it! Looks like I'm going to miss the fair this year. I usually get tickets to a concert or two and enjoy weekend evenings stuffing myself with Fair Food. It's so much fun there!