Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A little bit of everything

This post is going to be a little bit of everything that has happen recently since I was too busy to blog about each event. Lots of birthdays! Lots of eating. I'm back on track with my eating this week but sheesh the feasting that went on! Good thing there was also lots of running. After a failed attempt at a 20 miler 2 weekends ago (I ended up completing 15/20 miles), I managed to run an 8:30 pace for 16 miles this past weekend. I missed track last week because they moved their practice location and I got lost finding it. But I'll be there today. They are doing time trials again. I am not happy about this! I have a 20-miler this coming weekend that I hope will go well. Overall, I feel that I am on track with the training. 

So it was my Daddy's birthday recently. I got him this card.
Dad's birthday cake. I'm not a fan of this cake as it has these pastry layers in the center that I am not a fan of. Just weird to have crispy pastry in the middle of soft moist cake.
A lot of birthdays to go to lately. I went here to look for a gift for our friends who have triplet girls. I am clueless when it comes to shopping for some kids. I think it's been so long since I was a kid that I no longer know what kids like.
Wandering the aisles for a bit unsure of what one year olds would be into.
This was made from Legos. Pretty cool!
Finally managed to pick some stuff out and got it all wrapped up. I impress myself sometimes...just kidding.
Look how cute the triplets' cake was. So adorable. Triplets' mom is so creative. Had a nice time at birthday party. Craziness with so many people and kids there...screaming and yelling about cake..good grief!

 So Sister K has returned from Spain! She brought back some thoughtful and lovely souvenirs that I will blog about in another post. I've missed hanging out with Sister K. Sister K liked Spain and wants to go back soon.

 Sister S and I took Sister K out to lunch the day after she got back from Spain. Actually, it was more like they took me to lunch because this was my first time eating here at Julienne's in Pasadena. It is a really cute place for a nice meal. Look, they even use heirloom tomatoes in their sandwiches. That was a really good sandwich by the way.

We shared this really good almond cake drizzled with berry sauce. It was a nice finish to our meal. I am really looking forward to coming here for breakfast one of these days. 

 And I baked more vegan cupcakes. These were chocolate. I'm not really a big chocolate fan but people who like chocolate may like these. I think they would have been better with more of a mocha taste. I think I might try these again with the Cookies and Cream frosting. I am going to attempt to make a vegan tiramisu one and then a regular cupcake with vegan frosting. Stay tuned.

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Wow. Toys R Us is still around? I thought they had been relegated to the web storefront business model...