Thursday, August 5, 2010

More Eating Than Running

I think I can safely say that I suck at this blogging thing. I have a ton of things I could blog about but I just never seem to get it done. I decided that I am just going to start backwards and catch up from there. So yesterday, I finally made it to the Irvine Food Truck Brigade (Teller/Campus). This is the second Wednesday I think that they have gathered at this location. This time there were 8 trucks. I think last week only 4 showed up. Don't quote me on that. I missed it last week so I decided to make it a point to go this week to check it out. They were all parked in this large empty lot, which was nice and it was close to my workplace. The lines themselves were not that bad but the order taking process and the actual preparing of the food was painfully slow. I thought food trucks were suppose to be quick. Here are some photos from yesterday.

I'm going to start out with the best, which was the red velvet cupcake I got from Oh For Sweets Sake cupcake and dessert truck. It was really good. Not sure that it was $3 good, but the frosting was just the way I like it, not too much or too sweet. I didn't eat the other cupcake (chocolate mint) so I cannot comment to the taste.

This was from The Lime Truck, Cold Asian veggie noodles. This is where it all kinda goes down hill. This was not very good in my opinion. It looks pretty but just not great.

Finally, these chicken empanadas were not that great. Nothing as good as the ones I get in El Monte...not even close. These came from Barcelona On The Go truck. I only decided to buy something from this truck in honor of Sister K who is currently in Spain. I really miss her. She was kinda like my partner in food crime. What a pain it was to get these too. I stood in line in the sun for 20 mins and then another 30 mins for them to hand me the food. To add insults to injuries, it wasn't good! Gah! Frankly, I think I am done with this whole food truck thing. I was actually going to buy tickets to a large food truck gathering at the end of the month at the Honda Center but so far, nothing I've eaten from a truck has really wowed or impressed me. Again, I think I mentioned this but I continue to patron these trucks because I like the hunt. But I am starting to get over it.

With all this eating, I thought I should at least mention something about my running. I completed my first longish run this past weekend of 17 miles. I've forgotten how much running that really is. But I wasn't out to break any records that day so I just enjoyed my long run. Next week is going to be a heavy milage week for me, so going to brace for that with an easier week this week.

Up next: An Evening at the Fair

Note: I signed up for RunToTheFinish's PR Race Challenge. Thought it would be a fun way to keep motivated during my marathon training. I will be using the Chicago Marathon (10/10/10) final time for this challenge. Go and have a look and sign up. It doesn't cost anything.


Laury@TheFitnessDish said...

I never heard of the food truck thing! Seems interesting...but from what you said about the lines, the heat and the bad noodles...I would probably be annoyed, grrrr!! At least you got a good cupcake out of it!

you don't suck at blogging, haha...I know what you mean though. There are SO many things I leave out, and I figure I will start backwards, then never even write about it because it feels like it's too late. Especially now since I do Thirsty Thurs and Friday Five, I try to keep them shorter bc I know you all dont want to sit and read a super long post of mine ;-)

I'm loving your adorable puppers btw, SOOOOO presh :D

Glenn Jones said...

Ooooooooo. My night at the fair is next Friday. Fried butter here I come! Well - probably not - but a funnel cake is on my personal menu.