Monday, August 16, 2010

Taiwanese Shaved Ice Dessert - Kang Kang Food Court

Taiwanese shaved ice is good stuff! Let me explain. You take some red bean, lychee, mochi, mung bean, boba, barley, hmm...I actually cannot remember all the toppings for Taiwanese shaved ice, but you get the idea. I called them toppings but at the Kang Kang Food Court in Alhambra they actually put all that stuff on the bottom of the plate and then cover it in shaved ice and top with condense milk. Look at the plate below, you will notice that it is only covered in condense milk on one side. Hahaha, that was because I was sharing this with my sisters and it really isn't all that tasty without the milk part. Sorry, once again I am not a good blogger and failed to take a photo of what the inside of this thing looks like. Well, I like mine with barley, boba, lychee and red bean but the topping options are limitless.

For the longest time, I was trying to find a place that served this stuff but was clean. Let me explain this also. In LA, restaurants and anywhere they sell food gets a letter grade (like in school). A=excellent, D=bad, number rating=eat with caution. If you've ever eaten in LA, you know what I am talking about. These letter grades are normally posted near the entrance to the restaurant. Now, in my experience, which may not be so wide and varied but most places that serve Taiwanese shaved ice tend to also serve chinese fast food kept warmed under heat lamps. The problem lies in the fact that for some reason the owners have a difficult time keeping the place clean. What happens next is that they get slapped with either a bad letter rating or worse, a number rating. So when I found Kang Kang's by doing a quick internet search and they had an "A", plus they served Taiwanese shaved ice, I was so happy! I look sleepy in the photo below, mainly because it was nighttime but I was indeed a happy girl. Plus they are opened late. I think they said midnight!

Kang Kang Food Court

27 E Valley Blvd, Alhambra, CA 91801

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Glenn Jones said...

I'm glad they give more than one spoon. That way I can shovel with both hands. Too bad I don't make it to Alhambra/Monterey Park very often any more.....