Monday, August 23, 2010

Break of Dawn Restaurant Review - Lake Forest, CA

Sister K came for visit last weekend to spend some time with me before she went off to study in Spain for a month. We decided to try some place new for breakfast. So we headed to the Break of Dawn, that is the name of the restaurant, we actually got up quite late that day. Teehee! It is a Vietnamese breakfast fusion type of place. Yes, it is as weird as it sounds. They had your usual breakfast items but with a little twist.

Sister K ordered some sort of squash soup that came with Vietnamese cha gio (spring rolls). Yeah, weird to have soup for breakfast but like I said, I guess we didn't exactly get out of bed early that day. She said it was tasty and I took her word for it because this soup looks like it was made with some sort of dairy. The spring rolls were good but Sister K said that the ones our mom makes is way better. Of course, no one cooks like my mom so we are biased. :D

This is a cinnamon bun baked in a cast iron pan that I ordered. It was good, not anything amazing but it was cute that it came in a tiny cast iron skillet. I have lukewarm feelings about this place so not sure if I will be returning there anytime soon because there are just way too many other breakfast places out there I have yet to try.

Break of Dawn
24351 Avenida De La Carlota #N-6
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Open Wed-Sun, 8-2pm


Jean said...

Madison, I saw on your Google profile that you like afternoon tea, so I thought I'd let you know about a place I discovered on a trip to the Central Coast. Here's the link: I would have emailed you but couldn't find address.

youngblue said...

I called this restaurant to apply for a job, wrong idea! I was treated horribly on the phone. When i asked to speak to the manager the employee told me he wasn't there.
Then hung up!

I called back to ask again, because I was sure the manager would like to know how his employees were treating people who called.

The guy who answered the phone told me the manager's name was Z, and when i asked to talk to him he hung up on me again.

Now I was determined to let the manager know that his employees were terrible.

I called again and again and again I was hung up on. I called one last time to tell them I was coming to the restaurant to talk to the manager and the head cook.

I came to the restaurant and was confronted by two men at the door who would tell me nothing except to leave. I grabbed a card on the way out.

DEE NGUYEN is the chef and turns out he is who I was talking to! I couldn't believe it.

He proceeded to chase me through the parking lot, call the police, and threaten me swearing at me that he was going to lock my punk a$$ up! He even went so far as to say he "Eat's pieces of sh$t like me for breakfast. I had to reply, "You eat sh$t for breakfast?" He said he did.

This is a breakfast place, so, i just wonder how sh$tty their food tastes.

I could not let this go unreported because someone who owns a restaurant shouldn't be allowed to treat people like this.

I hope nobody give their hard earned money to this crazy guy, and no one wastes their time eating at Break of Dawn.

There's a nice way to handle things and theres the DEE NGUYEN way. Take my advice, don't waste your time being associated with this loser!

Madison said...

Youngblue: wow, that's some story! They should not have talked to you that way if you were just trying to apply for a job. Of course I wasn't there so I won't offer up any opinions to this matter but their food is not bad. They are a small mom and pop restaurant who may be associated with a larger outfit but I am not sure on that point. Perhaps this was just an isolated incident.