Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Working Out The Kinks

I know I've been posting a lot about my vacation last week so I wanted to update you on what I am currently up to this week. Namely not that least for the running part. It is Wednesday and my quads are still pretty sore from this past Sunday's race. I either worked really hard or have been slacking on all my other races lately or maybe both. It's been many years since a marathon has made me this sore. So this week, I've been resting more than usual and just recovering. I'm starting to feel a lot better even as I type this. I may even be able to use the foam roller soon to get out those last few kinks.

I've been doing some spinning to help ease the soreness in my legs and believe it or not it helps a lot. I actually believe that spinning was one of the things that helped me run a bit faster. Maybe it's all in my how I thought that purple Nike top would make me look skinny...hmm?!? I've also been trying to eat well since I am not as active this week but I still want to speed my recovery. So lots of greens and protein. My shingles are finally starting to heal but apparently they did not prevent me from exercising. Sister K joked that shingles helped me PR my races. Hmm!

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Nobel4Lit said...

You ran the whole time with a water bottle! Wow!