Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mystere & Mon Ami Gabi

In case you didn't know...and why would you...but I am a huge Cirque Du Soleil fan! So on my recent trip to Vegas, I was jazzed when traveling companion suggested that we go watch Mystere since he had never seen it. Mystere is a Cirque production inside the Treasure Island Hotel. I've seen a lot of the Cirque productions and have to say that Mystere is still one of my favorite. I've seen it at least 3 times now. My first Cirque show was Quidam and I've been hooked since. Over the years, the shows started to all look and feel the same to me so I stopped going for a while but I love the costumes and the athleticism of the performers. I would much rather spend my money watching a show than gambling so whenever I am in Vegas you will almost always find me at a show and not the gambling tables.

I really like this giant snail thing! It is giant!

After we went to pick up our tickets, we walked around Treasure Island. I always have my eyes peeled for dessert!

I saw this giant carved ivory Wooly Mammoth tusk...

Just look at the details! Chinese carvings and it was breathtaking!

The next morning we went to breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi, which is inside the Paris Hotel where we were staying. It was our final day in Vegas and I've never eaten here before so I was excited to try it.

This was the view from our table on the patio. That's the Bellagio Hotel. Too bad it was too early for the water show. That would have really made my day.

And of course I had Eggs Benedict, the crab one today. It came with hash browns. It was to die for!

Dining companion had more brown and yellow food for breakfast. ;^)

And of course waffles. Breakfast is just not breakfast for him without waffles. These were amazing! I will definitely be coming back here the next time I am in town.

After breakfast, we stopped in to say goodbye to these guys (honey's sister's pets) and headed out.

I grabbed a V8 for the road but I only sipped it twice. I guess I wasn't in the mood for this after all.

When we got home, it was already early evening and I had not eaten since breakfast so I was starving. I microwaved up this frozen Provencale Cod dinner that I got from TJ's and served it along some sauteed spinach topped with a fried egg.

I ate this entire plate which was a poor decision as this was way too much food for me. I was so full. That frozen dinner was amazing. I need to pick up more of those. I normally cannot stand frozen dinners but this one reheats really well.

Then it was an early bedtime for me since I had to wake up early to get in a run and then head out to Ventura/Ojai for my next adventure/race.

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Nobel4Lit said...

Okay, next time I'm in LV (probably not until the end of the year), I will demand to go to that place. It is always packed, but it much be for a reason!!