Monday, June 6, 2011

Outlet Shopping in Primm

Yeah I know I said that I would start blogging backwards but I guess it may be easier to just go back and start from the beginning. So the day after I ran the Laguna Hills Half Marathon, I packed up and headed out to Vegas for some gambling, drinking, staying up late relaxation. When at all possible, I try to stop off at Primm for some outlet shopping. Why? Well do you really need a reason to shop? I mean really? My reason is that they have a Nike outlet store here. That's about all the reason I need.

Sorry, this photo makes this place look like an abandon lot but it isn't. Come during the middle of the week for some quiet (non crowded) shopping time.

We had woken up at 6am to start the drive to Vegas, so by the time we got here it was right around breakfast time and the outlets were not yet opened. So we decided on this place for breakfast. Don't ask me why. Maybe I was still groggy from lack of sleep or maybe I was cheap or maybe this was one of the few eateries around. Looking back, I should have just thrown my money away or spent it at the outlets because this place sucked! What place? The Greens Buffet inside the Primm Casino. Yuck!

This is my honey's plate. He does not discriminate when food is concerned.

Me on the other hand...this whole plate was pretty much gross. I only ended up eating that piece of unripe pineapple, maybe that watermelon and some of those beet cubes. I took one bite of the bread items but they were gross. Except for the biscuit but that wasn't good enough for me to keep eating it.

The situation at the salad bar wasn't any better. A Souplantation would have been about 100% better. I did end up eating most of this salad. What? I was really hungry. Basically, I would skip this place if I were you unless the idea of tasteless, dried out and limpy food sounds good to you. Then by all means.

Nothing like some outlet shopping to cure all.

Yes, please!!

I tried stuff on and may have bought some stuff.

I even saw a ramen restaurant inside the outlet but I didn't eat anything since being disappointed again by food so soon would have sent my foodie soul reeling.

I did find this little gem of a food stand that offered fresh vegetable juices and sandwiches.

This juice man was like a juice angel out in the middle of the desert. Making me fresh veggie juice. I was so happy. Here he is making me a spinach, carrot, celery and cucumber juice. He told me that a lot of people really like this juice. Who wouldn't?

It was all better after I got my juice and shopping in. Life is back to normal.

Next up...we make out way into Vegas!


Glenn Jones said...

LOL! Whiskey Pete's! It was a dive when I used to go there when I was in college 25 years ago.....

lilin said...

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