Monday, June 6, 2011

Welcome To Vegas!

So we finally made it to Vegas after shopping at the outlets most of the day. This was last Tuesday. Just wanted to make sure y'all didn't think I was there now. ;) I mean in my mind I am still there but unfortunately I am back at work.

Ah Paris or Paris Las Vegas rather.

The room was tres bien!

It was around early evening when we arrived and M said that he was not hungry. He ended up falling asleep. Party pooper! So I went downstairs for a bite since all I had eaten that day was that terrible food at Primm.

This was a Scrambled Egg Florentine Crepe. It was also tres bien.

Then I went into Cafe Belle Madeleine... check it out...

..okay, so I did more than just "check". I had to make sure that it was good, right? And it was! That fruit tart in the center was just magnificent! Very tasty desserts here folks.

I actually went back the next day and ate another one of those fruit tart.

 Only in Vegas!

Hitting the town.

Paris Hotel
3655 Las Vegas Boulevard 
South Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
(888) 266-5687

Later that night we went to meet up with some friends at Miller's Ale House.

I wasn't sure if there was anything I wanted to eat here but this was the place that our friend suggested we meet so I scanned the menu and found some salads. It did not sound very appealing but I made do. I mean this was basically a large bar that served food. 

I think I ended up ordering this Southwest Bistro Steak Salad except I asked if I could have shrimp instead of steak and omit the cheese. 

This was just okay. I would not normally go to a place like this to eat but they do have a large patio area that serves free drinks to the ladies on Tuesday night complete with a DJ, dance floor, flat screen TVs, comfy seating and a large full service bar inside the restaurant part of this place. So if that is your thing then this place is for you.

Miller's Ale House
6683 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89119-3280
(702) 616-3414

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Nobel4Lit said...

You went to La Creperie!!! Love that place! Your room is awesome. I don't recall my room being that nice when I stayed there a few years ago...