Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spicy Sausages

More busy-ness at work which means not a whole lot of time to do anything else or anything exciting. The other day when we went grocery shopping at Costco, M picked up these spicy Italian sausages. We cooked them up last night and this was the first time I've ever cooked up something like this and was shocked that you start with first adding 1/4 to 1/2 inch of water to the pan and then cooking all the water away. I would have just added some olive oil to the pan and cooked away.

Golden brown! These came 12 to a pack and they are huge. Not sure buying sausages at Costco is the best way to go but I didn't put these in the shopping cart so what do I know.

I made this...roasted broccoli florets with salt, pepper, olive oil and some nutritional yeast flakes. I think I need to add more NYF next time, I could hardly taste it.

I had a couple bites of sausage but this was my dinner. I know, it looks like what I usually eat.

I also picked up this Popcornopolis pack at Costco. I am not sure why because 3 of the 4 packs are made with real cheese and the one sweet flavor (Zebra - caramel with milk and white chocolate drizzle) was over the top sweet. I only ate a small piece before it started to hurt my teeth.

In running related news, I am going to go for an 8-10 mile run tomorrow and then a 15 miler on Saturday. It will be my first long run in prep for the Long Beach Marathon. It sounds weird for me to say that because I am running races year round, I feel like I am in constant training mode. I have a couple of races between now and then but I will actually be "racing" at Long Beach to try to best my PR. Hopefully, my health will allow me to get through this training period because I really want to do my best. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. I cannot wait for the weekend. I've been doing some knitting lately so I will have something to show soon. Plus I will be working with some fondant this weekend so I will be posting about that when the time comes.

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Nobel4Lit said...

Yay... I can't wait for fondant! Hope it's on Saturday???

Yeah, sausages don't need oil to cook... they are already a ball of fat, lol. I've cooked them for "The U" before.