Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blast from the Past // Fourth of July 2010

Fourth of July is right around the corner. I was looking back at some of my posts from last year from around this time and realized that I never posted about Fourth of July. Strange.

So in honor of our country's upcoming birthday, I will be doing a series of Fourth of July recaps from years past. All these recaps are made possible by Sister K who took all these photos dating back to 2006. These are also a part of my Blast from the Past series because well...they are old. We'll be starting with last year.

Every year, my parents BBQ on the 4th just like everyone else; except they can cook enough food for a group of 10+ people on one of those tiny circular charcoal grill. They have mad cooking skills and lots of patience. They've been doing this for years. I believe they always grill up flank steak and chicken wings marinated with some Korean short rib marinade.

Last year, the parents made some veggie kabobs and a simple salad to go with the grilled meat. Sister S made and brought over some pico de gallo and chips.

Sister J made this zucchini bread.

I made some cookie-brownies and also purchased some little bundt cakes from the Farmers Market earlier that morning.

I guess this was also around the time that I use to juice more often.

We always gather around the TV after dinner to play video games while waiting for outside to get dark.

Then we put out some fold-out chairs and watch fireworks...

We only mess around with the stuff that sits on the ground.

We leave the aerial stuff to the neighbors or those with too much money or fingers on their hands. Just kidding neighbors! Thanks for always providing such an amazing show.

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Glenn Jones said...

I do the same! Heading to the parents this weekend. Sit out in the backyard and watch the June Bugs fly around the patio lights....

They live in one of the few cities left that allows fireworks - although I think it was a bigger deal when my kids were younger.