Monday, June 27, 2011

Pumped Up Kicks

I am really into this song right now! It has a different sound than everything else on the radio currently. Plus it makes mention of shoes and running...well sort of.

Speaking of "pumped up kicks", I ran in my Nike+ Free last week for the first time for 3 miles and did not feel any different than running in my regular stability shoes. I'm not sure what this means. Maybe I have really strong calves. I am also concerned about switching between my regular shoes and the minimalist shoes. I wonder what long term effects this will have on my running.

Regretfully in other running related news, I had signed up to take part in a virtual 5K that The Boring Runner was hosting this past weekend but because of my soreness and lack of motivation I did not complete this. I will make it a point to do the winter one.

And in foodie related news, Tender Greens is scheduled to open shop in Pasadena any day now. I am really looking forward to eating there. It is right up my alley. Look for that post in the near future.

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Nobel4Lit said...

I used to eat at Tender Greens when I worked in Culver City. It was a unique place at the time...