Monday, April 18, 2011

Another Trip to Cafe Hiro

Remember when I went to Knott's Berry Farm? Well after we saw the long line going into Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant, we decided to have dinner at Cafe Hiro instead since we were in the area. I called them up to make a reservation because that place is very small and people take a long time to eat when they go there. It was 5:30pm when I called. I asked for a reservation at 6pm. They said no. The guy who answered the phone tells me to hold. I hear a lot of back and forth in Japanese on the other end. He comes back on the phone and ask if 7:30pm was okay. I said..."really, nothing earlier?" He tells me to hold again and I hear more Japanese in the background. He comes back on the line and says..."you come at 7:15pm?" I said OK!

I finally managed to get a cool photo of the inside of this place. It's a small space but very cozy. If you look closely, you can see the chef/owner in the background, he is always there cooking away and looking into the dining room. It's a good idea really, so you can see how people are reacting to your cooking. :)

It was a plum wine kinda day. I take that back, everyday is a plum wine kinda day.

Oyster Sashimi w/ Caviar and Ponzu sauce/gel

Fried Calamari

Ume-Shiso Spaghetti

As a side story, there was a group of people sitting next to us the night we were there. There was four of them, they were older and were all Japanese. Probably friends of the chef. I kid you not, they must have had 9 courses and cleaned their plates each time. I was wondering where they were putting it all. They looked like they were having such a marvelous time, eating good food and drinking wine. That is the kind of place Cafe Hiro is...a place to come to have good food with good friends.

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elmomonster said...

I think you went the same day I went! I'm looking at the menu board and I see the Goat Cheese dessert which we ordered the last of!