Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fuddruckers - It's Not a Bad Word! I Swear!

I looks like it is one step away from being a bad word but it isn't. What is it? Really fantastic hamburgers! How did I end up eating here you ask? No, you didn't ask? Too bad, I'm going to tell you anyways. You don't know me but I'm pretty selfish. I'm sure you really want to get to know me better now right? ;o) Ninety percent of the times I get to eat exactly what I want. I'm also very fortunate that those around me will go along with whatever it is I am craving or we are all craving the same thing. Lucky, I tells ya! I mean I get that my sisters would crave the same things I do on any given day because we grew up together eating very similar foods day in and day out.

My honey on the other hand, poor him. He eats a lot of Asian food because...well I LOVE Asian food. I am Asian after all, I mean what else would I want to eat all the time. For the most part we always seem to end up eating at places that serves either noodle soups, salads, some sort of stir-fry veggie or turkey sandwiches because these are the things I eat most often.

So the other night I decided to be less selfish and suggested a hamburger joint for dinner. He looks at me and asks..."Really, is that what you really want for dinner". Sure why not! It's only a hamburger and yeah I had a 20 mile run the next day but that's neither here nor there. Okay, it's more like here since I've never eaten a hamburger before a run that long but luckily for me it turns out that hamburgers does make for good long fueling. At least for me. Don't try this at home folks, I'm an eating professional.

The inside was decorated with Elvis stuff and generally busy looking.

This is the area where you order and pick up your burger and fries.

The burgers come out "plain" which means that you get to dress them at this toppings bar and right across from this bar is a sauce bar with pump containers of BBQ sauce, mayo, mustard and ketchup.

Fuddruckers offers some unique hamburger meat choices. I order a Bison burger but they also have Elk. Of course they have your regular beef, turkey, veggie and crispy and grilled chicken sandwich choices. Yeah, just about everything under the sun. The key to eating one of these before a long run is portion control, don't stuff yourself silly, it will cause you problems the next day. Go easy on the condiments. Noticed I have them on the side, don't drown your burger in too much sugary sauce and unnecessary fats. This Bison burger tasted amazing all on its own, you don't need to go nuts on the condiments. I'm not much of a burger gal but this was freakin' delicious. Bison is very lean, not as lean as Elk but it has a very nice beefy taste and I liked that it was not overly greasy.

This is my date's burger, he also ordered a Bison burger but with sauteed mushrooms and I think bacon and cheese and a side of fries. Hey, he didn't have to run the next day. He ate the whole thing. All of it.

Near the entrance was a case full of cookies and brownies. They also make milkshakes and ice cream sundaes here. Yes this place is like a one stop shop for all your fast food needs. :o) Oh and on certain nights I noticed that older model cars or really nice motorcycles would gather here and have some sort of car show. It's a happenin' place!

23621 El Toro Rd
El Toro, CA
(949) 830-7210

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Glenn Jones said...

Wow! Fuddruckers is still around? They used to be all over the place. I thought they went out of business. The last one I ate at was in Florida 6 years ago!