Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 20th

Today is Sister J's birthday (aka Nobel4Lit and writer behind the blog A Case of the Runs). When Sister J was little she use to love when her birthday rolled around. When she was a toddler, my mom use to ask her when her birthday was and she in her toddler/baby voice would excitedly exclaim "April 20th!!!". To this day, whenever April 20th rolls around, I think everyone in our family still says "April 20th!!!" in a half yelling excited kind of way*. Just like Sister J did when she was little. =P Happy Birthday Sister J! I hope you will embrace the toddler-you today and always and be excited about April 20th!

*Okay, maybe it is just me because I am still such a kid.

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Nobel4Lit said...

Oh wow, we DID say that. Thanks so much for that memory. I'm having a great birthday so far this year. =D