Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekends Are Made For Fun

This post is somewhat long since I took a lot of photos and have not really written anything in a couple of days. So my weekend started on Friday night when I went to get some ramen for know...pre-long run meal. :^) I probably didn't need all this food for my run the next day since it was my final long run in prep for Big Sur.

It was another gorgeous day on Saturday morning and I finished up my final long run of 10 miles at the Back Bay. I am happy to be going into taper week. I feel like I put in some good training runs this cycle and am really looking forward to running Big Sur's beautiful course.

After my long run I went out to a late breakfast with the Honey. I was bad and ordered this amazingly decadent cinnamon roll. It was sinful! I shared but it was still so rich it knocked me off my feet.

Check out the gorgeous colors of my breakfast (Veggie Benedict @Side Street Cafe). So I ended up taking half of this home because of the the above cinnamon roll but I need to reiterate that it was worth it. @_@

Then we all headed up to my Sister's house for some weekend fun! Teddy looks sad here because he asked to drive and I said "no"!

I also got these new sunglasses. They are similar to a pair I use to have that broke so I was happy to get a new pair.

We had plans that evening to watch a play that little Sister K was in, so we had an early dinner at Clearman's. I got this plain hamburger which was just okay. I will do a proper write up soon.

Show time!


Little Sister K played the part of Violet's mother (left). Good job Little Sister K, thank you for inviting us!

The next morning, I was up early, more out of habit than desire. I wanted needed coffee! I hope you didn't think that all these were mine!

I also finally picked up one of those cake pops. Yummy! Not $1.50 yummy but the inside cake part was really moist even though the outside coating was too sweet for me. I still liked it.

I also picked up this Pumpkin Scone to share with Sister S. I'm not a fan, not sure why I even got it.

The dogs were busy outside playing Follow The Leader.

Just a cute Teddy photo.

Dim-sum may have been had.

Then Sister S, the B-I-L and I took the dogs for a walk. We discussed dinner options and decided to make dinner instead of going out. Here I am prepping and chopping up stuff for a salad.

I attempted to copy the salad I always eat at Chipotle. It turned out pretty good! And colorful!

The boys had a big ol' steak and corn on the cob. I don't think they had any salad come to think of it. Ahem!

I'm not going to say who, but someone wanted some steak!

There was enough leftover to pack a lunch for the next day. Don't mind if I do!

I attempted to make an ice cream sandwich. Sister S was really impress by my efforts. Me, not so much!

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