Friday, April 29, 2011

From LA to the Big Sur Marathon // Post 1 // Santa Barbara and Bridlewood Winery

I missed the Royal Wedding. I was sleeping. I had to get up at the wee hours of the morning to make the drive from LA to Monterey with Sister K in tow. We wanted to avoid early morning LA traffic. And that's just the short of it...

Here is my trip up the coast in photos. We made good time and since we had left so early in the morning, we did not hit any ugly traffic. We came upon Santa Barbara and Sister K remarked that she had never been there, so we pulled into town and after a quick search on Yelp, found this place to have breakfast. I will post a review soon but the food was pretty amazing!

After breakfast we drove around town a bit to find a map of the area because we wanted to go to a vineyard to do some wine tasting. We probably should have done some research prior to the trip but whatever. Luckily, we came upon this nice fellow at a tasting room in town and he gave us this map and pointed us in the right direction.

Photo Credit to Sister K

With that we were on the road again. Monterey was only another 4 hours away at this point! I hope we make it there before night fall!

Photo Credit to Sister K

We made some quick stops to take some photos...

One thing we wanted to do on this trip was do some wine tasting. So we took Hwy 154 into Santa Ynez and Los Olivos and stopped at the Bridlewood Winery.

Photo Credit to Sister K

There was an upcoming holiday featured movie being filmed while we were there.

We just weren't feeling it here at this tasting room... we decided to bid farewell to Bridlewood and headed out. It was then that we remembered that Sister S had told us that if we made it into Santa Ynez that there was a tasting room that offered cupcake/wine pairing. Where do I sign up? To be continue...

P.S. I did end up viewing some Royal Wedding highlights on the internet when I finally got into Monterey and Kate just looked stunning. What a lovely wedding! Sorry I missed it.

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Glenn Jones said...

I hope you stopped and bought me place to live in SLO or Camria. Okay okay. I'd even settle for Atascadero. My favorite part of Califormia!