Saturday, April 16, 2011

Release the Crackin'

I attended the Annual Parmigiano Reggiano "Crack Off" at Whole Foods today. At noon PST today Whole Foods across the country simultaneous cracked open hundreds of wheels of the most beloved Italian cheese. They mentioned that this was a world record established event and that this was their third year having this event. I guess they have to do it every year to renew the record. Haha.

I use to eat a whole lot of cheese. Urkel and Wallace [of Wallace & Gromit fame] has nothin' on me! I adore cheese and was really sad when I became lactose intolerant. I still eat some cheeses but not nearly as much as I use to. Parmigiano Reggiano is one of my all time favorite cheeses so this event was pretty neat to me. I captured the event with some photos and a little video if you were not able to make it to see this. Enjoy!

What a beautiful sight!

Site of the cheese cracking! It was quite a little ceremony. The delicious smell of Parmigiano Reggiano filled the air even before they cracked it. Now that's some good cheese.

Delicious samples...

This was right after they cracked it open.

Oh just look at that cheesy goodness!

I took a little video of the cracking. There was cheering involved! Haha. (having issues uploading the video, I'll work on it)

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