Sunday, April 24, 2011

Phoenix Food Boutique - San Gabriel, CA

The Phoenix Food Boutique is one of those places that I've only been to a handful of times. Three to be exact; and it is not because I don't like the food because I do. It always slips my mind for some reason. Maybe because I tend to think of it more as a snack kind of place; but they serve full on meals here as well.

Marinated Pig Ear & Beef Tendon

Mochi Sampler - I've never been a fan of mochi because I find most to be too chewy and powdery but these changed my whole perception. These are soft and delicate with a sweet and creamy center filled with Taro, Mango, Red Bean and Green Tea (Sampler Pack). The outside is covered in very finely shredded coconut. I really like these. They make a really yummy snack.

Cold Soy Custard with Light Ginger Syrup/Sauce - this is one of my favorite snack items. It is light and smooth. It is basically silken tofu with a light gingery syrup. So good!

Fruit Cake Cookies - these cookies surprised me because I was expecting them to be hard and crispy but they were actually soft, moist and buttery. I really liked them!

The following photos were from a previous visit to this restaurant a couple of years ago but the menu has not changed since then.

Chopped Thousand Year Old Eggs - in case you are not familiar with thousand year old eggs, they are not really that old. It's just a name. The egg looks like this due to a preservation method in which the egg is covered in ashes/clay for a few months. At that point, the yolk turns a soft yellow and the white part of the egg turns a translucent black color and takes on the texture of firm gelatin. I really like thousand year old eggs. Don't let their appearance intimidate you from trying them. I like to eat them with a side of pickled baby onions.

Chicken Lettuce Wraps - I remembered that this was good too. Lots of water chestnuts so it has a lot of crunch.

This is the Soy Custard again - I think I have ordered this dessert every time I've come here so far.

Beef Chow Fun - good!

Phoenix Food Boutique
 712 W. Las Tunas Drive
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 289-9888

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gourmetpigs said...

I love the soy custard with mango and tapioca :)