Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Knowlwood - Irvine, CA

Knowlwood, home of the world's best hamburgers or so the signs says. Knowlwood's is located in what I believe to be Old Town Irvine, near the train tracks in a red barn. I actually think that at some point it was used as an actual barn because there use to be a orange grove there. Now that area is occupied by Knowlwoods, a Denny's, a La Quinta Inn, a Mexican restaurant with the longest bar in the world, a post office, a sports bar and a hair salon. A really good hair salon might I add. So good that I can only afford to get my hair did maybe once a year. For the most part, I go to Knowlwood's because it is near by and there is never a wait, not even during breakfast hours on the weekends when most other places have a line out the door.

There is this old vintage car in the front of the restaurant right when you walk in. Oh and you seat yourself here. Don't walk in and stand around waiting to be seated like I did the first time I came here. During breakfast hours, you just go grab a table and someone will come to get your order. Outside of breakfast hours, you would go up to the counter, order and pay for your food and then find a table.

There are old farm equipment used as decor throughout the restaurant. There are billiard tables and a small arcade room in the back of the restaurant. I also want to mention that they offer Horchata here as a beverage choice (look to the left-hand side of the below photo).

You should probably skip the dessert case. It always looks pretty sad and I'm sure they don't make dessert in-house.

This is the breakfast menu which they served until 11:30am.

Waffles - pretty good here. I don't really like Belgian Waffles but you will if you are into this style.

Scrambled Eggs, Hash Brown and Sausage - I have to say that they do this dish very well here. It is basic but they get it right.

Some of their combo plates comes with a choice of bread, don't get the muffins. They are cold for the most part and dense. Not warm and fluffy! Don't say I didn't warn you.

Bacon Cheeseburger and French Fries - I can't comment about the burger but I liked the fries. They were crispy although a bit under salted but I like them that way.

Just a plain ol' Hot Dog, meh this was just okay. I don't think I will eat this again.

Grilled Fish Tacos - I don't know why I ordered these here when there are so many other places that do this dish very well. These were just okay.

14952 Sand Canyon Avenue
Irvine, CA 92618-2100
(949) 857-8927

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