Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 135 - Tuesday

Breakfast - 10:00am
1 apple danish
1 small banana nut muffin

Snack - 12:00pm
a few slices of fruit

Lunch - 1:30pm
Calamari in thai spicy sauce over white rice

Snack - 3:00pm
a few slices of fruit
1/2 apple danish

Run Meet - 6:30pm
Run 6 miles

Dinner - 9:00pm
Couple slices of honeydew
Some small portion of leftover spagetti and meatsauce from yesterday
Brown rice w/ shrimp & green cauliflower from mom :)

Note: I ate so badly today. Having a hard time getting my act together with my clean eating. I will try again tomorrow. Those apple danish I had today was because I was sitting in on any all day meeting with my boss and there was so much naughty yummy snacks and such. It reminds me of that Nutri Grain Bar commercial where that lady starts out eating bad in the morning and it just continues through out the day until she starts her day healthy and the rest of her day is also healthier. Went to run club today and even though the running is getting better. I feel myself struggle everytime I run with them. I just feel so slow even though I can now run 4 miles in 30 mins on any old day. Still feel slow compare to those guys. Hoping to improve over time.

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