Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 120 - Monday

Breakfast - 8:30am
1/2 PB & J sandwich on buttermilk Oroweat bread

Snack - 10:00am
1/2 PB & J sandwich

Lunch - 12:30pm
1/2 PB & J sandwich
Sticky rice w/ shitake mushrooms and chicken bits (lo mhay fan)

Snack - 4:00pm
1/2 PB & J sandwich

Dinner - 7:00pm
Bowtie pasta in ground beef and mushroom marinara sauce
1/2 bowl of wonton noodle soup from Costco
1 cup cherries

Note: Still eating those PB & J sandwiches, not quite ready to come back to full on clean eating yet. Bought a loaf of bread yesterday for these sandwiches and the whole loaf is almost gone. These sandwiches are just so yummy and soft.

I went into my camera after a week of inactivity and found some photos of my life this past week during my illness. I thought I would post it up since they were some nice photos of me and the family.


Nobel4Lit said...

This collage makes it seem like being ill is full of gatherings and desserts.

Durian Eater said...

eeeeeeeeeeeee mon ami!!
these group shots are great!