Friday, January 14, 2011

Kaya (Coconut Jam)

When I was little, my mom use to make me these sandwiches with Kaya on pillow bread.

Not these pillow bread.
More like these. My mom called them pillow bread because...well they look fluffy and little pillows.
I'm sure by now you all know my love for coconut! No? Well here is my post dedicated to all things coconut. If you have never had Kaya, well let me tell you that it is some tasty stuff. Kaya is made from coconut milk, eggs and sugar and is commonly golden yellow in color but can also be light green in color when it is flavored with the pandan leaf. Pandan when used in cooking produces a lovely fragrant aroma.

Pandan leaf
Back to Kaya which originated in Southeast Asia and used just like you would use any other fruit jam. However, it is different from regular fruit jam in that it has a richer taste. I've only ever use Kaya on breads and some baked goods. 

Kaya on a bran muffin at the top of photo. Peanut butter on bran muffin on the left side of photo for color and texture comparison.
Kaya can be hard to find. I usually have to go and look for it in the peanut butter and jam aisle. But if you are good in the kitchen, a simple search on Google will yield an easy recipe. Perhaps I will attempt to make it one day. Kaya, simple and delicious and it reminds me of those sandwiches my mom use to make for me as a little kid. :)

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Glenn Jones said...

Where do you find this? I shop at a couple Asian markets in Irvine. I'll keep an eye out. I'm sure my wife will love it!