Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 2011!

Happy New Year! 

I have not blogged in awhile. You know...the holidays and all! Also, I ran out of space here on eBlogger and I contemplated not blogging anymore. No reason really, just haven't felt like blogging. Then, my sister reminded me the other day that my last post was called Bah Humbug. Don't know why but it just didn't seem right that I end my blogging with that post. So, I am back. No photos today because I am awaiting on Google to process my extra storage space.

I spent the past two weeks doing a whole lot of nothing. I slept in, stayed up late, partied, ate some delicious food and did not workout much. It was nice, except for the not working out part. I actually feel pretty yucky being that lazy. I went into my work gym today expecting a gaggle of people in there because of New Year resolutions and what-have-you but to my surprise, the gym was pretty empty. Could have been the rain. I was full of restless energy because I had not worked out in a couple of days. I ran 7 miles on the treadmill. I actually had wanted to do something else but I have a race this coming weekend and needed to get my running legs back. I plan to run the next few days, then some strength training, a rest day and then race time. I don't have a hefty goal for this race. I am glad I signed up though because this is a good kick in the pants to stop slacking off on my workouts.

I have some fun holiday post that I would like to do once I get more storage space. Plus, I have a pretty full running agenda for the first half of the year

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Nobel4Lit said...

Glad you got the space. It wouldn't be the same blogging without you! Your blog has all the stuff that mine lacks (good pictures, writing, etc.).