Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bah Humbug!

It's weird but I was looking back at an older post I wrote last year around this time and it seems that for the most part I just dread this time of year. I've been catching up on reading some blogs and see how people just love the holidays with their baking, wrapping, shopping, eating...but I can't stand it. I feel like such a Scrooge. Every year as the holidays rolls around, I feel like I want to dig myself a hole or crawl into a cave until it blows over. I hate what the holidays do to people. All around I see people rushing here and there in a mad hurry to get "stuff". Maybe I just feel this way because I live in the OC where materialism seems to be at its worse. I see parents buying outrageously expensive "things" for their kids. It's madness! I remember that some of my best Christmases were those when I was young and my sisters and I exchanged handmade gifts. This year all the rain during the busiest shopping season made everything that much worse. Don't get me wrong, I love what the Holidays stand for, I don't like all the commercialism and materialism that goes with it.

It drives me crazy how people use the holidays as an excuse to be rude to everyone around them. For example, the other day I was shopping at a strip mall and stood at the side of the curb for the longest time because no drivers would stop to let me cross the path to get to my car and it was raining! Anyhow, maybe I am just crabby because I've been eating so much crap. I was reading Tina's post today about eating too much sugar and I can totally relate. I've been eating most of my meals on the fly because I've been so busy running around. That's another thing, the overeating during the holidays. I'm telling you, I can't wait until this is done with.

On a positive note, I was finally able to go out for a 6 mile run because the rain decided to give it rest for the time being but the path where I normally run was still muddy and flooded so I ended up just running until I hit one of these patches and then turned around and ran the other way. Can't wait until all this rain is done. I know I am spoiled by the good weather we have here but if I wanted to live some where that rains a lot, I would move to Seattle.

Ok, I feel better now. And with that I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Holidays! And remember, it is about the memories we share with the ones we love and not the crap that we open on Christmas day. I'll be back in a few days with hopefully a better outlook on the days ahead. I am really looking forward to the start of a new year and the chance to start anew!

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ilovesteaks said...

Nice tree! :) I agree with you about the commercialization of Christmas and other holidays. The most I'll do is send out cards. I'd rather spend time and money with people eating ramen, sushi, and steaks. :) Anyways have a merry Christmas!