Monday, December 20, 2010

The Restaurent @The Getty Museum

A few weekends ago, the sisters and I decided to surprise Sister S for her birthday at The Restaurant at the Getty Museum for brunch. I asked my brother-in-law to tell her that it was just going to be the two of them at the brunch. I made up some story about how we were all really busy and could not make it and that we would catch up with her later in the evening for some cake. When she showed up at the restaurant that morning, I couldn't tell if she was surprised or not to see all of us there. I felt kind of bad surprising her like that because she had mentioned something to me about wanting a low key birthday but that was after I had already planned everything. Anyhow, this is a really nice place with a nice view of the LA skyline on a clear day. The restaurant actually told me that they do a lot of birthday surprises there. Interesting! Why interesting? Well because you should note that if you plan to come here for a birthday that they frown upon cake cutting or cupcake eating within the restaurant. They will let you eat it there but they will charge you dearly. They also frown upon gift opening. They will let you bring the gifts in but don't even think about opening anything inside. We ended up eating the cupcakes we got at Crumbs (Beverly Hills) on the patio area just outside of the restaurant. Kind of inconvenient but then again it is a nice place to be, so can't complain too much. No, wait, I can complain more because it started to rain a bit so we had to quickly eat and then disband. This place is pricey but it makes up for it with amazing views, plus the fact that it is at the Getty Center and the food is quite good. Maybe just not so good if you show up with any sort of cake or presents.

The Restaurant @the Getty Center
1200 Getty Center Drive
Los Angeles, CA

This is the patio area just outside of the Restaurant where we ate the cupcakes.
View of LA, look at the smog!

Autumn in Los Angeles.
Holiday colors.

My order - Crab Cakes Benedict! The best Benedict I've had so far.
Chicken Sausage and Veggie Hash
Croissant French Toast
Sister K's - Bagel and Lox
 Sister J's (blog: A Case of the Runs) - Veggie Frittata 
I can't remember what this was. Sorry!

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Nobel4Lit said...

The unknown dish is Duck Chilaquiles! =D